An overview of the cards and P2P platforms I use and why.


Available to Europeans / Worldwide

  • Curve
    • A fantastic card to act as a gateway to all your other cards. You actually only need to carry this single card. Very good at eliminating exchange fees on your other cards and having a single overview of all expenses across all cards. I use this card more and more to avoid carrying all my cards with me. Use my code D6AAROGE to get a £5 starting bonus!
    • My review can be found here.
  • Revolut (affiliate)
    • A multi-currency card with free exchange at interbank rates1 for up to 40.000 DKK per month. As long as you exchange during bank opening hours there are no fees at all. I have used this to convert more than €20.000 for the past 6 months. Revolut is my main method of exchanging currencies to top up my other cards and investments.
  • N26 (affiliate)
    • A debit card with a proper euro account which protects depositors’ savings by guaranteeing deposits of up to €100.000. Up to 5 free ATM withdrawals per month. I am using this as a travel card to most of Europe and as a place to securely keep my Euros. I have also used this for internet purchases when paying in Euros, but I am now using the Curve + Norwegian combination for 0,5 to 1% points depending on if I am purchasing on weekends or not. Remember to use Revolut, Curve or another way of exhanging at interbank rates without any fees.
  • Transferwise (affiliate)
    • Another multi-currency card with 5 real accounts in your name
      • Australian account number and BSB code
      • British account number and sort code
      • European IBAN
      • US account number and routing number
      • New Zealand account number
    • Exchanging is not free, but gets better rates when exchanging “rare” currencies like Russian Rubles - better than Revolut where the conversion fee is 1% up to 2,5% on weekends and over the free limit. I use Transferwise mostly for receiving payments from Amazon and AliExpress and topping up Revolut to get a 100% fee free transfer of payments.

Only available to Danish residents

  • Ikano Bank credit card
    • 5% cashback on restaurants and cafés and a monthly discount between 5 - 30% on different categories. Excellent synergy with Curve when paying in foreign currencies and is my preferred card if I can get any bonus. The bonus limit of a 1000 DKK monthly / 5000 DKK yearly is easy to reach and would take almost a million DKK spending to get the same amount of points with the Norwegian card.
    • My review can be found here.
  • Norwegian credit card
    • 1% Norwegian CashPoints on most purchases. Excellent synergy with Curve when paying in foreign currencies. My primary card for everyday purchases to rake in points. The bonus does get reduced to 0,5% after purchasing for over 75.000 DKK. Also gets a small discount on purchasing some types of flight tickets at Norwegian and a free travel insurance.
  • Lunar (affiliate)
    • A standard debit card with a nice app to keep track of saving goals and spending. Protects depositors savings by guaranteeing deposits of up to €100.000 since they have partnered with a regular bank (Nykredit). This is where I keep my cash reserve and my pay-check always lands here.
    • My review can be found here.

P2P lending

Currently I use these P2P lending sites:

  1. The interbank rate is essentially the rate at which banks exchange currencies with one another.