Lunar way review

Lunar Way is what I would call a “banking light” experience. You get a Visa debit card with no fancy features or tricks, an app to administer your account and - the killer feature - 4% interest up to 50.000 DKK which ain’t too bad in these times!

3 min read

Ikano Bank credit card review

In Europe, and especially in Denmark, finding credit cards with any kind of discount or points is rare. The Visa card from Ikano Bank is by far the best credit card I have found giving up to 5000 DKK (~670 EUR) per year without any fees if you do it right!

6 min read

Curve review

Curve is a physical Mastercard that you can use in front of your existing debit and credit cards. Select in the app which existing card it should use and Curve will pass on the transaction to that card - and even exchange for free if a foreign currency is involved. You could leave all your cards at home and just keep the Curve card with you!

7 min read
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